BT21 TATA 20 Basic AirPods Case

This cushy AirPods case doubles as a keyring and is perfect for safeguarding your AirPods from daily wear and tear. 

Product Description:
BT21 silicone AirPods 1 & 2 Case w/ carabiner


Product Size:
3.8" X 3.8" X 1.2"

Customer Reviews

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BT21Tata Airpods case

I bought it for my sister on a whim while I was ordering myself a Mang card holder.
She really liked that the top of the case bent back well, and she really enjoys the texture and look of the case.
Overall, I guess it's a good purchase to gift someone.

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Bt21 Tata AirPods Case

I had been looking for sturdy case for my AirPods that wasn’t expensive, but was also cute. When the summer sale started I decided to check to see if they had any new cases. Although, there was none on sale , I was happy to see that there was new cases on the site, because they looked just like what I had been looking for! It was hard to decide on which one to get, but in the end I decided to get the Tata one to match my tata cushion I have. When it arrived, It took a while but it was worth it! I was excited to open the box. It was better than what I had pictured it to be! The material is very soft and smooth and kind of squishy in my opinion. The color and shape is eye catching and quality is great. My AirPods slide right in easily, stay in place, and they don’t fall out unlike some other cases. The key ring it comes with is really handy as well, I can hook it on to my keychain, my bag or even on my pants. It’s truly very convenient for on the go or just to keep with you while you’re moving around. If you’re on the look for a new AirPods case then I highly recommend one of the Bt21 silicone ones, they wont disappoint! They aren’t just adorable, but can get the job done. If the AirPods fall you know they are protected and safe.

Ps. I couldn’t resist how cute they are and I got myself the Cooky one too.

Super Cute!

This was one of my favorite purchases. I needed a new AirPods case because my old one was too plain. My Tata case is so adorable and everyone compliments it! The only thing that was slightly concerning was how big it is, it’s a pretty huge case but definitely worth the buy.

Super cute!

I love it! Super cute! It’s a little bigger than I expected but that’s ok cause at least I know I wouldn’t be able to lose my AirPods! Great buy! 🥰