BT21 SHOOKY Sweet Gel Pen

This gel pen features each member of the BT21 squad having a good time along with perfect snacks for them. Which snack is your favorite?

Product Description:
BT21 SHOOKY sweet gel pen - chips


Product Size:
7.5" X 2.4" 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mary Valdez

After receiving my pen I tried it out and the pen wrote very smoothly and was very consistent with the ink. Was a great value for the price. Have had several people ask where I got it.

Rieanna Dupree
Comfortable, Cute and Affordable

I just love my Shooky gel pen, and I am not disappointed. It's adorable and writes smoothly on any surface with no ink smudges, thus performing well when I am taking notes for class or writing homework assignments that are due in my planner. When combining the quality, I have to give it five stars because it's small enough to fit in my Shooky pencil case but big enough to accommodate my fingers and acrylic nails. I also love that if I were to run out of ink, the pen has buttons on the top side to replace the ink with refills in which anyone can buy in bulk for a low price. The top decoration with the mini shooky chips bag is made out of rubber and is flexible, so you don't have to worry about it breaking as easily if it was hard plastic. And finally, the price which is amazingly low compared to other sites I visited, so I will definitely be buying more character pens from line to expand my collection. This very pen adds to my mini school collection, with its bright color giving me a small bit happiness to my never ending lessons.

Iris Hernandez

The gel pen is so cute. Besides it being cute it writes SO SMOOTH!!! I love this pen.