BT21 SHOOKY Toe Topper Socks

No Show toe topper socks for your favorite pair of mule shoes. 

Product Description: 
BT21 no show toe topper socks

60% Cotton, 25% Nylon, 10% Polyester, 5% Other

Shoe Size: 
Fits Women's US shoe size 6 - 8

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
The Perfect “little” Socks

The socks are called “toe toppers” or , when I got my pair, they are called “Half Fake socks”. These socks are perfect to wear with flats, close toed heels, or any shoe you wear that is too tight around the top of your feet. Wearing these socks, your toes probably won’t become 100% blister free but they sure do help reduce the chance by relieving some stress and or friction. Not to mention the design of the socks has Shooky looking like a king. There is also rubber dots on the bottom of the socks to help keep them on your toes and grip to the inside of your shoes. All in all a great product. Also, If you are looking for a BT21 product that is not visible to others and only you know you are wearing them because you are a discreet ARMY a.k.a a shy person or don’t want to particularly scream out “I am an ARMY” everywhere you go, this is a product that basically goes incognito to others. Basically I love my Shooky socks. Lol.

Cutest little socks AND they actually work!

OMG! I am so in love with these socks! I can mix and match characters as much as I want since no one can see them haha. Sadly, I only had the budget for 4 of the 7 characters... but hopefully, I'll be able to complete the set because these are SO cute! Also, I'll be honest. I really just bought them for the cuteness (Line Friends is just too adorable) because I am just such an ARMY and love pretty much anything the guys make for us, haha. I had no expectation for them to really stay on but they actually work really great! They also have little grip dots along the bottom so when I walk on the wood or tile flooring I have amazing traction. I have no issue of them slipping off and they truly are no-show socks. This the first time I've ever had socks like these and I am not disappointed at all. I can't believe I got them at the sale price that I did. 10/10 would recommend!


I wear these at home when I practice turns. They work well.


its just so adorable aha.