BT21 SHOOKY BABY Sitting Doll 7.9"

Different Level of Cuteness! Biggest lineup of BT21 BABY merchandise. Cuteness Overload coming your way.

Product Description:
BT21 BABY sitting doll. Cotton and bead stuffing inside to keep cute pose.

100% Polyester

Product Size:
8.3" X 7.9" X 5.2"


Customer Reviews

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Shookyyyyyy! Ahhh

I love it so much it's super soft and squishy, the package came in on time and It was well packed I Love it.

I love my Shooky

I love Shooky

I'm so happy with my purchase. As a Suga biased, I really wanted a Shooky plushie. When I saw this was on sale, I knew I needed to get it. By the way, this is something I really love from Line Friends online store, they are always having sales and promotions with a lot of products on discount. Also, the purchase process was really easy and it shipped very quickly. Anyway, when I ordered I wasn't so sure about the size. I knew it was going to be kind of small but when I got it, I was really happy with it. This 7.9" Baby Shooky plushie is adorable. From the face to the sitting position, it looks so cute. The fabric is super soft to the touch. I think I haven't never had a plushie this soft. Has the perfect size to put it anywhere. And the way it is stuffed, it holds the sitting position no matter what so he's gonna look extra cute anywhere you put it. I'm really happy with the quality of the product and I can't wait to get the rest of the characters cause here they have a lot of cute products from them. Check out my video with a review on this and other product I got:

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Shooky makes me so happy 🥺 he’s so soft and cuddly, I want to buy the sleeping baby one now!

Soft and squishy Shooky!

This was part of my very first purchase ever from Line Friends. When I saw the BT21 baby collection I thought they were adorable and knew I had to have them! I decided to get some in the 7.9 size and some in the 4.7 size to mix it up. I debated on what size Baby Shooky to get and decided on the bigger one, and I’m so glad I did. It’s so soft and squishy and huggable and I love it! The shipping for my order was a little delayed but it was well worth the wait. I can’t wait to make more purchases from Line Friends!

I Am Now a Shooky Lover

Shooky has never been my favorite - until now. I'm usually more of a Tata or RJ fan, so, when I first bought these sitting dolls, I was sure I would favor Tata or RJ. However, I just cannot resist Shooky. Out of the bunch, I feel like he is the absolute cutest! I don't know exactly what it is but I think it's because of the round shape. It makes it so that he sits perfectly in the palm of my hand or on my lap.
Like always, shipping was very quick - took about a week to arrive from date the order was placed. Came nicely packaged and sealed in a plastic bag, which I was very thankful for. The outside material is extremely smooth and soft. And when you squeeze it, it does not feel like your normal everyday plushy. It kind of has a springy feel to it, kind of like foam. Not too firm and not too squishy but just right. However, be careful not to squeeze too hard and be gentle because it seems like the material can become permanently creased, if you are too rough on it. I love baby Shooky!!