BT21 SHOOKY BABY Pong Pong Standing 2.8"

Made to fit right into the palm of your hand. Give them a squeeze whenever you're stressed. 

Product Description: 
BT21 Baby Series tiny pong pong standing doll with keyring loop

93% Polyester, 7% Spandex

Product Size: 
3.4" X 2.8" 

Customer Reviews

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Vanessa C
Ready to realize your dreams?

Obviously you are here because you feel you need this little guy in your life and let me tell you, you aren't wrong. This shooky pong pong is adorable. It has wonderfully soft material, its squishable, it even has a little loop behind his adorable curl of hair should you decide to want to hang it off your otherwise plain purse. You want to know the best part? He's totally customizable. I dressed my shooky up in a tiny hat and even turned him into "2013 debut" shooky (as seen below). You can now make "No More Dream" Shooky, the shooky of your dreams! He is absolutely perfect, the only regret you'll have is that you didn't buy him sooner!

You want a stress reliever?

Alright, I like shooky. But I LOVE small,round,plump cute shooky.
I mean look at it. It's so cute. I squeeze it when I'm happy, when I'm a bit down or stressed.
It's a good endorphin booster if you ask me. I mean look at it with its front teeth and thingy on the head. So cute! It goes well with my other babies on my desk due to it's size. I would like to collect them all. But I can't use my stimulus check for that purpose 😒
I think these pong pongs are great collectibles. BUT they sell out so fast. Please stock em up line friends. Keep them coming. Thank you