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    BT21 SHOOKY BABY Hairband

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    so cute!

    bought it for the PTD concert and it’s adorable! i can’t wait to wear it :) it does hurt your head a little but it’s worth it

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    Giorgia Saab

    This was a must! It is so adorable and is the perfect size. It fits really well being not too tight and not too big. The little Shooky at the top is so cute, soft and fluffy. Shooky is really stuck to the band which saves me from worrying about it falling off. I bought this with the intention of wearing it to a BTS concert but when I received it and put it on, it was so cute that I couldn’t take it off. Super comfortable and is really light, doesn’t feel like I’m wearing it at all. I love it so much, best purchase ever!

    Yulianti Yanto
    Love this hairband

    The cutest hairband that I bought for my daughter so far! And we are very happy because we finally got to colect them all! It took months to complete the sets because it always sold out. Can't even argue with the quality. The materials is great. Very soft. Nice color, and it doesn't have any weird smells at all. It looks so cute on head. Each one of them! And most important thing is its very comfortable to wear. Overall, we are very satisfied with this purchased!

    Jenny Huang
    I did not receive my goods, but sent me another item. why?

    I did not receive my goods, but sent me another item. why?

    I’m literally crying

    This thing is so soft like I can’t believe it. It hides in my braids so well that it looks like a baby shooky is actually sitting on my head. Reading the other reviews, apparently it’s meant for kids??? But idk I got a big head and if I adjust it properly, it fits fine. Shipping was a little late, but that’s because of the terrible weather in my town so I understand. Im so happy because I can finally twin with my friend who has the chimmy one!!!! I want to buy all of them but I’m broke so.....