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    BT21 SHOOKY BABY Flat Fur Doll Keyring 3.9"

    Customer Reviews

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    Daniela Rodriguez
    What’s there not to like?!

    It is sooooo cute and tiny absolutely love it!

    Pamela L.

    This was my first order from Line Friends, and I wanted a Shooky so so bad so I choose a keyring so he can be with me most of the time hehehe
    And I wasn't dissapointed at all it's so cute, fluffy and it has the perfect size . It's not too big and it's light weight, so even when I have my keys on my pocket it doesn't bother. The keyring is really good quality from the chain to shooky itself. I really recommed this product and now I want the rest of the characters, even my family said Shooky it's adorable.

    Yaneht Favela
    SO CUTE🥰🥰

    It’s so small and cute I love how so soft and fluffy it is!!

    Silvia Catarino
    Cutest in the universe!!!

    This is my first time ordering from line friends and I have to say that any second thoughts I had before are completely dissolved. The package came quick, their customer service is very efficient and kind and they really do reach out if you have any questions. Most importantly the products are absolutely high quality. They are extremely soft to the touch as if one was touching silk. They are adorable and the packaging for the baby pouch really protects it from any damage and can be used as a way to store pencils or any essentials. As for the baby pouch itself it is the size of my hand, the zipper opens easily and there is enough space inside for items like money, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, keys, jewelry, photo cards, and other essentials that are around the same size as the ones specified above. For the key rings they are high quality as well. The chain is extremely sturdy and made of high quality material therefore it won’t break, you don’t have to worry about accidentally losing your baby flat fur bt21 character. The cooky key ring I purchased was a little bigger than the size of my index finger. As for the shooky key ring it was the size of my pinky. I am very satisfied with my purchase, and I hope to buy more in the future from here. If you have any worries, trust me line friends and their products are very trustworthy.

    My sixth of these keychains

    This was my sixth keychain in this style and as always I am super satisfied! The only one I need left is mang!! These are absolutely amazing; I think they are the perfect size to go on a purse or a backpack and the key chain ring is super easy to use and sturdy. A perfect addition to my flat fur collection. I did buy this during the summer semi annual sale so I think I got a great deal for it. Line friends never disappoints and neither does the BT21 line! Here is a link to my un boxing and review video: