BT21 SHOOKY BABY Ceramic Mug

Cuteness in a cup! Start your morning off right by pouring a cup of joe into these adorable mug cups.

Product Description:
BT21 Baby Series ceramic 2-face detail matte mug cup



Product Size:
4.6" X 3.6" X 4.4"


Customer Reviews

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my shooky mug!!

I am so happy with my Shooky mug!! As someone who just LOVES to collect mugs, I knew I needed a BT21 one. At first I wanted Mang, but it was sold out, so I went for Shooky, and I'm so glad I did!! It came packaged very nicely and securely, which I was glad to see, and it is such great quality. Shooky on a mug is perfect, I feel like it suits the character very well. I love that it's double sided with two different expressions, Shooky is just too adorable!! Perfect for your morning coffee/tea, or just to hold other things like stationery, pens, etc. I can't wait to build my BT21 mug collection :)


'Shooky shooky milky shooky lucky cookie ice cakey'
It's so adorable that you you can look at it for whole day. I always like to drink cold coffee in it. If don't have any other character mug then then please have shooky mug but it is so cute.

I just had to get Shooky

I got the whole set and I’m in love! I was originally going to just get one but I couldn’t help myself, they are just so cute. One of the main things I love about these mugs is that it hasn’t developed a tea stain.

Many of my other mugs get tea stains sooo easily. Nothing seems to get rid of them! But with these mugs it is so easy to clean! I’ve had these mugs for a little over a week, but I love drinking tea and coffee! I barely see any rings after drinking my tea but when I do a simple hand wash rinse gets rid of it!

These mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, but because I love them so much (and how fast they sold out the first time lol) I hand wash and use a kettle to warm water.

These mugs are also the perfect size! Sometimes mugs are too large or too small but these hold the perfect amount of water.

Honestly these are just so perfect. I’m so happy I bought them! Not only are they cute, but they are very well made!

This is Shooky! I just had to get this one! I love shooky, a total mood, who likes milk? Def not me and that brown color? So cute!

Cute + Practical: Baby Shooky Two Face Mug

It's BT21--and BABY BT21 at that--it's going to be cute and irresistible.

That aside, I'm quite happy with the quality of the mug. It's the perfect size for me--not too big nor too small. Larger mugs tend to lose heat and cool too quickly; smaller mugs need frequent refills but this mug is just right. I've also noticed it retains heat very well--some mugs are too thin and do not provide enough insulation--does not seem to be an issue with the Baby BT21 mugs.

It's held up well in the dishwasher--but I do prefer to wash by hand to prolong the life of my ceramicware.

Packaging is very cute and effective--there was not a lot of waste (no plastic) and the box it comes in can be repurposed or used for decoration.


The design, the quality and everything about this mug is great. I use it basically everyday loving the way is not too big or too small. It’s just the perfect size.