BT21 RJ Universe Standing Doll Set

The charming alpaca family is here to steal your heart.
Featuring the hairiest alpaca, papa RA; the fashionable and loving mama Rㄱ; RJ's fluffy little sister RK; and RJ's rebellious alter ego DJ.

Product Description:
BT21 RJ Universe Standing Doll Set with mini RJ, RA, Rㄱ, RK, and DJ plush


Product Size:
One Size

Customer Reviews

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So cute!!!!

I had been wanting to buy this set for the longest time, but I never got around to getting it. Finally, I decided to buy it, and I can promise that it is worth the money. The standing dolls are of great quality, they have good stitching, they are very soft, and they are all so adorable!! Rk is my favourite, so small and cute :) One small thing that I loved, but made a big difference, was the background of the box having cute cloudy and summery-like scenery. This makes it look so much nicer, and way cuter when it is being displayed on a shelf compared to plainer boxes. Overall I loved this purchase and I will be trying to get the other bt21 plush sets as well!


Bought RJ and KOYA Universe Standing Doll Sets during the event. I was so excited when I got them because they are much bigger than I expected! Both sets are adorable and they are of excellent quality! Looking at them, you will come up with a story right in your mind. Like I would like to have a sky background with some simple decorations for RJ and his family to have a picnic. I am a super big fan of RJ and after knowing his top secret (existence of DJ), I love him more. DJ looks a little annoyed, which makes him an obvious comparison with the other family members. I think he is very cute!

Alpaca Family 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

I'm so happy that I finally bought these. They are so tiny and adorable. I love RJ's family set. Everything is so cute. Papa RA's little chest hair poof makes me smile so much and eomma Rㄱ with her little collar necklace. RK is soooo tiny she got put on a shelf by herself, so she doesn't get lost. I love LINE plushies because they're great quality. If they sell larger variations of the RJ family set, I'll probably get them too.

So cute 🥰❤️🥰

I'd been wanting them for so long but kind of pricey. Luckily, it went on sale and bought them right away. So adorable 🥰 💞

They are so adorable!!! But..

I also want to have RK in bigger size😭😭 that baby is to tiny and can not hold up long time😂