BT21 RJ Music Gel Pen

This retractable gel pen features our snazzy BT21 characters jamming to the rhythm. 

Product Description:
BT21 Music retractable gel pen with silicone patch, 0.5mm

PVC, Plastic

Product Size:
5.8" X 1.2" X 0.7"

Customer Reviews

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Little Cocky, Lotta Style!

This RJ pen is adorable and stylish! I love the confident attitude it conveys on the charm. The charm itself is a flexible, silicone-esque material, so wiping it off with a damp cloth to clean it is easy when it gets dusty. The pen is comfortable to hold, writes smoothly, and has a bit of grip to the paper. The gel ink and fine pen nib are perfect if you want your writing to look clean and precise. I collect RJ pens and love how this gorgeous pink pen stands out among the rest! Super happy with my purchase, and so is my RJ doll!

I Bet RJ's Rap Name is Lil' Cocky - and That's Tight

This RJ pen is baller, lol. Not only is there a cool (and humorous) RJ charm, but the pen writes so smoothly too. There was a wax seal that kept the nib from drying out, so the ink is unlikely to dry out before it gets to customers. While I was testing the pen, the ink flowed with no problem. No priming needed. The charm didn't add any counterweight to my hand movements either.
Another thing I'm ecstatic about is the packaging. The pen is packaged in a plastic box, which made it so much simpler to take out than the Cooky Sweet Gel Pen (a past purchase). The Cooky pen's packaging was rather tight, so it was difficult to squeeze my fingers inside to take the pen out. The RJ pen has room for fingers - bless. Packaging difference aside, the two pens have the same barrel length, and size (in reference to the thickness of any lines or doodles made using them). I'd say the pen size is 0.5 mm.
One minor flaw was that the portion of the packaging that made it so that it could be hung up, snapped while it was being shipped to me. I don't really care, but that could be indication that (shipment) packaging could be better.

so cute!

writes well and smoothly

SOO Smooth!

I purchased this super cute RJ pen and when it came I absolutely loved it ! My sister tried it out as well and she said her only issue is that since it’s a gel pen it may cause issues fir those who write with their left hand and tend to smear their writing but for me since I’m a righty I really love this pen it’s super cute and writes SOO well and smoothly it’s just the right size for my hands in the picture I compared it to an Apple Pencil (which is bigger than most normal pens and is sometimes too long and heavy ) hence why it looks so tiny compared but it’s not tiny to me! It’s very lightweight and easy to hold! It’s really cute and funny 💜💜great gift or stocking stuffer for any ARMY or BT21 fan!


So funny! I gave this to my friend! LOL