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    BT21 RJ HEART Gel Pen

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    Zaira Barajas

    I absolutely love this pen. I had previously bought one from Chimmy but now I decided to buy the one from RJ. It’s soo beautiful and it’s comfortable on your fingers. There’s some pens that are hard and it hurts your finger after you write with it for a while . But this one is super comfy. Easy to carry and fits inside your purse without taking much space . RJ is super soft too. I truly recommend people to buy it. This can be for personal use, for daily activities, office, school. I’m pretty sure people who are not aware of who BT21 is, will love the pen as well. 100 % recommended!

    Azizah Met
    BT21 pens

    I bought BT21 pens to keep as part of my collection and I was delighted to find that even though the body of the pen was made of plastic but the figurine attached to the pen was made of rubber so to say it's not easily broken and it was very cute to say the least..I love them

    iris rodriguez
    rj pen !

    listen im not gonna lie i was a bit skeptical on the quality of the pen but honestly it’s super nice and isn’t patchy once the ink comes out ! oh and the design is obviously the cutest thing ever hence why i got it (and work purposes 😭)

    Nancy Solorio
    BT21 pens

    Love my new pens :) fine and neat print!

    Cute pens!

    I bought a few BT21 pens because I loved the characters, RJ is my favorite but I also bought Koya because it was so cute. Quality of gel is excellent and writes smooth without smudging. Very comfortable to hold. Highly recommend the pens!