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    BT21 RJ The Green Planet Bag Charm

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    Raaga Madappa
    Camping RJ found in the wild!

    This is definitely the cutest purchase I made all year. The material is so soft and RJ's features are so well made. He has a campfire on his back which you can remove. Make him sit and roast his marshmallow anywhere in your house. This whimsical guy will make everyone's day!

    Jennifer Saldana
    camper RJ is the cutest !!!

    This collection of BT21 IS MY FAVORITE. RJ looks super cute and adorable carring his campfire backpack (that actually lights up when the button is pressed & stands up on its own!). Additionally, the marshmallow on the stick that he is holding looks like an army bomb!! it's adorable. he's the perfect sized bag charm because he's large enough that you get all of his cuteness from his features, his little arms and legs, but small enough that you can take him everywhere without it being a bother. I cant wait to see all the places little camper RJ and I will visit :3 I wish I bought more characters from this collection! to get a sense of his size i included of photo of RJ sitting next to a yoongi pc.

    Faith G
    RJ is super super cute!!

    I don't even know where to start. This RJ is sooooo cute! It is a lot softer than I thought it would be, too. I put him on my rearview mirror because I needed something cute to cheer me up in the morning and something adorable to look at while I drive. RJ is perfect. I absolutely LOVE this bag charm. I also just read another review that his backpack lights up?? I did not know, so I will be testing that out as soon as I'm out from work! Lol. Great quality, super soft, perfect size and absolutely adorable :) I love RJ


    This is the most adorable RJ ever! The most adorable thing yet is how the little fire backpack lights up. Best purchase ever. He’s so soft and it’s just cuteness overload. I want to take him everywhere with me.