BT21 RJ Zippered Card Pouch

This pouch is here to save your time. Place your any card in the card slot to easily locate your card or swipe your access badge. For ID cards, just give a tap with your pouch with the card in place. The zippered compartment can store small trinkets or items you frequently use.

Product Description:
BT21 RJ zippered card pouch

Shell--100% Cotton

Lining:--100% Polyester

Product Size:
4.6" X 4.5"

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
So cute and functional!’

I ordered this because I don’t use wallets so often and it honestly was the best decision LOL! It’s relatively a good size and does the job well!! Also RJ looks absolutely adorable on the front!! It’s also such a nice shade or orange, so it makes me feel happy when I look at it haha!! I keep my Starbucks card on the back little card window and it fits a good amount of loose change , so if you’re into a wallet type alternative this is the pouch for you! The material is also kinda of like a canvas type which makes it feel pretty high quality!! I definitely recommend this item so much! I have a YouTube channel and made a video so you can see this pouch and other items from line friends :) @iikatyai


The Line Friends Black Friday Sale was truly a blessing. This BT21 RJ Zipped Card Pouch is a great purchase for storing my cards, storing mini items, storing coins, and could also be used as a wallet. I instantly fell in love with the RJ concept design. It is the perfect size to be able to carry around, either in your hand, pocket, or bag. The bright red is eye catching. The color pallet is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The silver, red, and teal color on the alpacas are so cute, it makes them look so cuddly, especially since it is around time for the holidays. The small details and designs that were put infront, aside, inside and behind the pouch is absolutely adorable. The RJ details are on point. The detailed work on the zipper with RJ’s face is so beautifully done. The tiny black BT21 tag on the side has a adorable RJ design on the back. The card holding placed in the back is insanely useful. I can easily take my cards out by sliding it out. And I am able to place it back in smoothly with no problem. If I don’t want to put my cards there, I can also place my photocards there, possibly on Jin since RJ is his baby. The material of the pouch feels good, the surface is insanely smooth, and it is very sturdy yet flexible. This is an amazing purchase. So happy I was able to get this during the sale. Definitely will be used as an everyday essential. Definitely will be making more future purchases ❤️.

loove it

I bought this little RJ card pouch because I fell in love with the cute graphic on the front! Machu-picchu! RJ is the cutest and I thought it would be the perfect card pouch to stick in my purse. The zipper has RJ's face on it and the bT21 logo on the other side. The back is great too because it features a little card slot which is the perfect size for something like a photo card. I also absolutely love the bright red color of the pouch! its made out of 100% cotton, it is flexible and nice. The inside could fit many cards and coins or anything else you'd like!