BT21 RJ Bite Ppogeul Pouch

Place your charging cables, external batteries, or hard drives in this fuzzy protective case. 

Product Description:
BT21 Bite ppogeul boucle multi purpose protective zippered case


Product Size:
5.6" X 4.4" X 1.6"

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Soft RJ

This ppogeul case is too cute! It arrived perfectly fine, no scratches or lose strings, and it looks exactly like in the picture. The colors are very bright. The case is very thick and super resistant, and RJ is very fluffy (maybe like a real alpaca). Lines and details are also sewn very nicely. I use it to keep all kinds of cables, and my portable battery charger also fits with everything else! This is a really good buy if you want to have all your small cables in one place. It is also excellent for protecting small electronics when traveling.

My Hamburger Boy!

He took a while to receive but it was completely worth it! Very thick and durable quality in material and RJ is super cute. I will enjoy using this. :)

RJ always the cutest!

As expected of every bt21 item this one is of an amazing quality. It's made of a really thick fabric that feels soft to the touch and that protects perfectly whatever you want to keep inside. I use it for my small electronics and the insides are lined with fabric that has little compartments were you can easily fit your cables so they don't get all tangled. The zipper is really sturdy the kind that doesn't easily breaks and it has the little bt21 tag. The RJ drawing is made in ppogeul so it's extra fluffy. It came really well packaged and in a plastic container of it's own. So glad I bought it!

So Cute

So cute! A great travel case for electronics.