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    BT21 RJ Bite Drink Marker

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    Susie Lee
    Best WFH Buddy RJ

    I know this is intended to be a drink marker, but I got curious to see if it would hang on my laptop screen - it does! I also put RJ on my tumbler and flower pot (pictured) just to test it out and have concluded that it can cling to basically anything with a reasonably-sized rim or cord. I included a profile of RJ hanging on my laptop screen to give a visual reference on how big the gap is. He can easily hang on something with a thicker rim. I LOVE the multifunctionality because now, RJ can hang with me wherever I go.

    I've always wanted to buy the BT21 monitor figurines but could never get my hands on one, and this serendipitously gave me everything I wanted and more. I actually enjoy this more because he cutely hangs out...literally. I stare at a computer screen all day for work, and whenever I'm tired or stressed, I look at RJ smiling, and he instantly lifts my mood! Truly my favorite purchase during quarantine while we WFH. He's perfect. And the fact that it's food themed?! *Chef's kiss* I'm waiting for the other characters to come back in stock so I can gift to friends and also take a few to work when we're back in office!

    Brings a Smile to My Face

    These little cup markers are the cutest. I got both RJ and Koya and they are equally adorable. They're called cup markers but I sometimes hook them on bowls as well.
    The little gap is pretty wide, so they can still fit nicely on cups or bowls that are thicker. But on thinner cups or glasses, they will slide around or fall off when you lift the cup to drink. So I recommend using a straw or holding on to the little guy as you are drinking.
    I love having breakfast every morning with these cute little figures there to enjoy it with me. They just make me smile and puts me in a good mood.