BT21 RJ BABY Flat Face Cushion

Rest your head on our lovely friends for a quick nap at your desk. A comfy wrist band in the back keeps the cushion secured on your arm while you doze off. 

Product Description:
BT21 Baby RJ flat face cushion with stretchy wrist band

Shell--96% Polyester, 4% Polyurethane
Fill--100% Polyester

Product Size:
9.5"" X 7.9" X 3.6"

Customer Reviews

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Baby Rj and Mang

So soft and so adorable to add to my collection missing Shookie wish more was in stock !! Please restock the big pillows!!

I Finally Got an RJ Pillow!

I have been wanting an RJ pillow for forever but I can never seem to get one. When I saw this RJ pillow I thought it was so adorable and I had to buy it. It arrived in very good condition. The pillow is very soft. It comes with a strap on the back that can go over ones wrist if used as a pillow on a desk. So if I want to rest for a moment after studying at my desk then I could. However, I will probably put it somewhere to display rather than using it as a pillow. RJ is just too cute and I am glad to finally add him to my BT21 collection. I am really glad I purchased this product.

Baby RJ and I are inseparable ♡

I have been wanting to get my hands on a Baby BT21 cushion since the collection was first released! Luckily, all of the characters were in stock during the Early Bird Black Friday sale and I was able to purchase my very own Baby RJ ㅠㅠ This is the cutest, sweetest, most comfy cushion ever. I knew that the Baby BT21 collection was made from a different material from the regular BT21 collection, but I did not expect it to feel this amazing! The BT21 Babies really were born to be cute !! Baby RJ is very well-made, it is so SOFT and has the same kind of squishy feeling as a mochi (this was honestly my first thought when I took it out of its plastic wrapping). It is soooo comfortable and easy to hold because of its smaller size (photo comparison below), and even has a strap on the back to put your arm through; I end up bringing it everywhere with me, like around the house or in the car LOL we are inseparable now! I also just wanted to mention that the shipping was quite fast considering COVID-19 and the Black Friday sale demand, it probably took less than 2 weeks to get to me! Everything came wrapped in plastic and placed in a really adorable LINE FRIENDS-and-BT21-themed brown box~ Baby RJ had the authentic BT21 LINE FRIENDS tags attached to it as well. I really want to purchase the other BT21 Baby characters in the future now, especially since Baby RJ turned out to be better than I could've expected! I would highly recommend purchasing if you're looking for the cutest, softest, warmest lil buddy to hug during the cold months~ ♡


loved it!


It’s literally so soft and comfortable!! It’s really cute as well!! I love is so much!!