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    BT21 RJ BABY Gel Pen

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    Daniela BI

    In this opportunity I bought this pencil because it is too cute, I think other pencils leave you wounds but this one is soft and its fine point helps me with the texts. Sometimes I have to write fast and it helps me because it is comfortable to hold, my dad loves them and I will build my entire collection. Its protector prevents staining and its transparent cover prevents ink from spilling. I recommend this product so that your notes are prettier and you can use it for the titles, because the fine point helps in the designs. The RJ baby is beautiful and you don't get bored of seeing it. The designs are unique, I would define it as tenderness and comfort, I love it. Thank you very much for your attention and good service.

    Gel Ink Pen for Everyday Use and Fun

    The Baby RJ pen was delivered as expected, it came in the protective plastic packaging with the product description in the back. The pen surface has a soft texture feel to the touch as opposed to a hard plastic surface. In need of pens and working from home, the pen works well when I’m writing down notes at a fast pace to keep up with meetings. The gel ink smoothly glides over the paper, it really helps with working productivity. The quality ink can be used on paper, notecards, checks, and signing official documents. As for the baby RJ design, it is the perfect size to have something cute attached to the pen and yet it doesn’t weigh down the pen. The small details of the baby RJ silicone cutout is well defined and designed. The baby RJ on the clip is an extra fun feature as it can be used as a bookmark or keep documents together. Additionally, I ordered the rest of the BT21 baby characters for a complete pen set because didn’t want baby RJ to be lonely. The quality, design, and functionality is exactly the same as the baby RJ pen. When putting all the pens together, it does make it a complete collection and will be using them everyday. Note: I was able to twist/unscrew the pen tip to get to the gel ink cartridge. I think there are replacement gel ink available elsewhere to refill the pen when the gel ink runs out, just need to find the correct size. This is exciting because there can be different color gel ink options available!

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    Baby Soft and Baby Smooth!

    This Baby RJ pen is too cute! Not only is the Baby RJ charm at the top of the pen adorable, but it is made of a soft, flexible plastic that is easy to clean with a cloth and doubles as a clip, so you can clip it to your favorite notebook. The body of the pen is comfortable to hold and is made of a matte material that feels very clean, soft, and modern. The pen writes smoothly and the ink does not clot. When the pen came, it had a small plastic nib on the roller ball to ensure that the ink does not dry out or leak in storage and transit, and I appreciated that extra bit of care! The gel ink and fine pen nib are perfect if you want your writing to be precise or if you need to add fine details to your drawings. I am in love with the aesthetic of these BT21 Baby pens - the pastel is so soft and angelic and conveys such a sense of innocence, youth, and serene calm! I collect RJ pens and this pen is my favorite out of all of them! I ought to buy a Baby RJ mug to hold them all!

    Luisa Chávez
    simply adorable

    these two are my favorite pens from now on, i've bought other BT21 pens but these are by far the cutest. the quality is REALLY good and also the characters on top are bigger than i expected them to be, which is a nice surprise <3

    Joy P
    Cute cute pen!

    Super cute gel pen with the RJ character. The only thing is that I’m afraid the character’s surface will get dirty quickly. But otherwise, no issues! Refill would be a nice touch though!