BT21 Jersey Pattern Backpack

If you've got things to carry, we've got you (and your things) covered. Pack up for your next adventure, wherever you're headed.

Product Description:
BT21 jersey pattern backpack in grey

Cotton, Polyester / Lining: Polyester

Product Size:
11.1" X 15.75" X 5"

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Its really cute but it isnt big enough for all of my supplies and it does not have a water bottle holder so it isnt very good for school but I mean it is good for people who are in elementary school but if you are in middle school or high school, don’t purchase if you know you have to carry alot of items :)

Extremely satisfied
CUTE but not big enough (for me atleast lol)

Okay so I got this from a different website, but it is the official back pack. So it is amazing quality, feels very durable and has plenty of pockets for stuff, but there is no water bottle holder which i was kinda sad about because I thought the slots on the side would hold one but they are not elastic so they are not stretchy. The inside is very nice and has a pocket for like a computer or tablet, and then theres a second pocket which you can store like post it notes, makeup, whatever products you need. Its probably the best backpack I have ever had for school haha. The arm straps are also very comfy and soft material so this is definitely a very nice backpack! 😄

Marielys Sarriera Valentín

I received my BT21 backpack and it came safely packed! No damaged at all and no stains! This backpack is truly amazing, it has many pockets to put your school or college materials, your watter bottle, your laptop and many more things. This backpack is truly spacious and all of my college books and notebooks fit perfectly in it! The material the backpack is made of is truly soft and nice. It's comfortable to wear on the back and it is truly stylish. The little BT21 designs all around the backpack is a beautiful touch that contrasts with the grey background that makes it look really cool. I love the colors it has, because it prevents the backpack from getting dirty at all regardless of where you place it. This backpack is a must buy for school or college. It truly brings my OT7 heart for all of the BT21 members and they are truly cute an amazing. It has a lot of space, like I was truly amazed when I saw that everything, including my laptop fit in it! The pockets are truly big, there are two large pockets inside, two on each side of the backpack and one on the front! I'm telling you, it is worth the money! I even had friends asking me where did I get this backpack and telling me it looked really cool...Definitely a mood lifter for my new year at college!!!

Kellie Smith
Super cute!

I love this backpack. It is super cute and the perfect size.

Tim Blümer
Great quality, larger than expected!

I bought this backpack on a whim during the Summer Sale. The dimensions given had me worried that it was going to be more of a purse sized backpack. I was relieved when it arrived and was school sized. The material is really soft and it has a rubberized bottom to protect it of you need to set it down. The straps are nicely padded as well. A bonus is the cute Tata story on the inside.