BT21 Music Mini Note Sticker Set 1

This set comes with four mini notebooks and a sheet of stickers for you to organize your to-do list with your beloved characters. 

Product Description:
BT21 Music mini notebooks and stickers set (1) 


Product Size:
Note: 5.52" X 4" / Sticker: 9.1" X 4.4" 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sooo Cute

I love them true to color. Perfect for little notes and thoughts. Perfect gift as well for friends.

Set of Cute Notebooks

Adorable set, so nice I love it. The stickers are cute, I really like the TATA notebook💗. They make perfect gifts for any BT21 fan, would recommend 10/10. 💜 Each notebook has a different design which I really like because I can use them for different subjects. I can also use one for my art when I'm going somewhere, they are quite small and would fit perfectly in a purse. Overall delighted with my purchase and I would likely buy another set. 😀

Love love love my new mini note set 💌

I've been wanting this mini note set for a while now and when I noticed there was free shipping offered for labor day weekend I knew this was my chance to get it! I love how each notebook's design is unique for every character while simultaneously fitting into the overall pink color scheme. The notebooks are fairly small, a little bit larger than a passport, and on the inside are filled with blank pages. I've recently gained an interest in bullet journaling and think that these will be great for a first start :) One thing I noticed was how well packaged the notebooks were with a piece of cardboard lined with tape to keep them secure in place. If you do purchase this set I'd suggest peeling them off slowly as to prevent any damage to the back of the notebooks. I couldn't purchase just one item from this collection and also snagged a Tata gel pen and a Koya metal badge. These notebooks are my new favorite purchase and can't wait to make them apart of my everyday routine!!

Very Cute

It's very cute, but I thought it was going to be lined paper. It's just blank white paper. I still love it though.

Love it!

The notebooks are so cute and it’s not lined paper.