BT21 MANG Mini Bluetooth Speaker

This portable Bluetooth speaker produces a surprisingly loud sound for its size. Listen with clarity anywhere or talk hands-free, all by simply pairing with a Bluetooth supported device. Works up to 3 hours per full charge.

Product Description:
BT21 MANG mini Bluetooth speaker with carrying strap


Product Size:
2.9" X 2.5" X 2.2"

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
This speaker brings me Euphoria 💜

CUTE!!! I love mang and this speaker is the cutest thing ever! The sound quality is much better than my old speaker and the wait was well worth it 🤩. This mang speaker packs a punch even though it fits in my palm! I am overjoyed by the amazing quality of this speaker. It gets pretty LOUD as well which is perfect for anyone who loves blasting their favorite music 🎶. The speaker is absolutely adorable and pairs flawlessly to my phone. I already know I'm going to use it everyday 😄. And it came with its own charging cord (c port)!

Overall, this ADORABLE mang speaker is dynamite and well worth the wait and the money. I am VERY happy with it ☺.

The Bestest Speaker Ever

I really didn’t expect it to be this cute but😭 Gosh it’s the tiniest speaker I’ve ever seen! Yet, the fact that it’s tiny doesn’t make it any less mighty than the other though!
I’m totally in love with both the appearance and the quality🥺 This speaker brings so much joy to my day honestly💜