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    BT21 MANG Neck Strap Coin Purse

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    The only reason I didn't give this a 5 star is because of the length of time before it got to me. There has been a lot of delays that I almost applied for a refund. But I still get to receive it and that's what matters most. Both the purse and neck strap were made of high quality materials and were both well-crafted. It's the cutest thing ever and I'm glad that I had the patience to wait for it.

    Natalie Solis

    Love it!!! So cute and can fit my card !

    Izzy Artiste

    I LOVE MANG!!! This is one of the cutest coin purses I own, I bring it with me every time I go out! It’s small but it fits everything I need and I’m in love with the blue and purple pastel colors. I can’t stop looking at the neck strap, it’s such a pretty shade of pink and has pictures of Mang with stars, planets, and music notes. I’d highly urge anyone who is in need of a coin pouch to purchase this one, it’s a great purse! I’m glad I purchased this during one of their sales a while ago, I use it all the time!! Completely satisfied with my product ^_^

    Trang Tran
    Lovely, big, tight but hard to find coin inside

    I have to admit. The only reason that I buy this is because of the neck strap. Honestly, IT IS SO WORTH IT!!! The neck strap comes just as described. The lock is made of good quality, so I am not afraid of my stuff falls out when wearing the strap. As for the coin purse, it is bigger than I imagine, and it is also spacious. I can easily put my money, coins, cards, and even lip balm in it. It is as big as my palm! Its width is short, though, which makes it hard to see what is inside. I remember going to the supermarket and standing for a while in front of the cashier to take out my coins then calculate them. I bought this during the sale period, so I think it is worth the money somehow. My love for BTS is toooo big, so I will definitely wait until another sale period to buy another neck strap !!! Love the pink and Mang <3