BT21 Bite MANG Figure Keyring

This detailed figurine keyring series features our little friends dangling from some tasty snacks. You might even find your favorite character repping your favorite food. Hang this on your bag or purse for an unexpected charm. 

Product Description:
BT21 Bite MANG figure keyring 

PVC, Metal

Product Size:
7.3" X 3.8" 

Customer Reviews

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Sophie Najjar
Cute, creative, and well made!

When I saw BT21’s food theme, I thought it was so cute- especially Fry Mang! At first it was sold out, but it restocked relatively quickly, just in time for Christmas!

It comes with 2 clips- a split key ring and a push clip; I like the versatility that offers. Whichever you use, you won’t have to worry about Mang falling off!

Unlike other keychains I’ve bought, this feels much higher quality. It didn’t come with any weird bumps, scratches, or chips in the paint- even the little menu feels sturdy and like it won’t easily break or crack.

It’s cute, creative, a good size, and great quality! Highly recommend this or any Line Friends keychain, all four that I’ve bought so far have all been to this quality!