BT21 MANG BABY Study With Me Monitor Plush Doll

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    Emma Gloria Rubalcava Vargas

    Está hermoso, me imaginaba lo bonito que podría ser pero al tenerlo en las manos resultó superar todas mis expectativas, el único inconveniente es que tardó 2 meses en llegar, entiendo que el envío es gratis pero aún así se me hizo eterrrrrna la espera.

    Maria Bravo
    Study with Me

    I bought Koya my first Study with me in S. Korea over the winter break and totally loved him, that I had to get some of his other Buddies...aka the other 6 :) I couldn't get them to stay on my monitor but I have them all lined up in front of my monitor at work. They sure are good work buddies and I find myself talking to them all the time....I guess that's good until the day once of them answers They are just prefect!

    It’s so cute! It’s it falls 😭

    I bought this plush at the line store as a self graduating gift and it’s so cute! However I own the newest IMAC 24 inch. And it does tend to fall off at times on its own and it’s not like my screen is tilted or anything.

    Tassle placement!

    The tassle should be in front. Also, my Mang monitor plush was the only one from the set with shorter arms so it doesn't hang as securely. Despite all that, I'm not a student and these things are fun additions to my work screens!


    My sophomore English teacher got this for me as a gift and I loved it so much. Ever since we've been in contact constantly and I think a really solid relationship is forming. I hope she doesn't get caught. This is a perfect gift for your significant other or student crush, just make sure to tell them that it goes on something like a monitor or laptop or they'll think it's deformed! I recommend this to anyone who doesn't vape. I vaped around it once and it looked angry. If it ever starts moving on its own, grab a gas lighter. Buy this and you won't regret!