BT21 MANG BABY Sitting Doll 7.9"

Different Level of Cuteness! Biggest lineup of BT21 BABY merchandise. Cuteness Overload coming your way.

Product Description:
BT21 BABY sitting doll. Cotton and bead stuffing inside to keep cute pose.

100% Polyester

Product Size:
8.3" X 7.9" X 5.2"


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Love It

Amazing, super soft ,squishy and adorable ,I can't wait to order the other BT21 characters ,It arrived on time and Packaged well.

My Rap line is complete! Mang is finally home!

Let me tell you all about the months long quest I’ve been through finally get Mang. I started collecting Bt21 figures a while ago and the baby versions of the babies took my heart and have held onto it very dear. Mang is one of my favourite characters because of his colouring and he genuinely makes me feel so happy when I look at him. So one day I discovered the baby sitting versions of the BT21 and I knew I had had to have them. I bough koya and shooky a bit ago and I was on a quest for my baby Mang. For weeks, I would look for a restock everyday, and eventually came the day where Mang was back and I could have my baby! So I immediately bought him! And I’ve love him ever since! I’m hoping to get the rest of the babies soon!
So Mang is home now and everyday I see him I get filled with so much joy and happiness, hugging him feels like hugging the softest cutes cloud and I love him so much!
I highly recommend buying him! He’s great quality, feels extremely soft (hugging him feels like a stress relieve toy!) and he came exactly the day I was told he would come! The packing box he came in was even adorably adorned with this beautiful tape of the line friends characters!

so soft and squishy

i know there’s 2 sizes but i wish they were bigger for the values. it’s harder to cuddle it if it’s smaller but other than that i love my little mangy.

Precious Baby Mang

I am in LOVE with baby Mang! Very soft, accurate to size and quality and makes a perfect addition to the rest of my BT21 plushies that cover my bed. HIGHLY recommend you guys buying this. Also, great to cuddle, especially when you have a lousy day

Finally got baby mang !

the packaging was awesome as usual, came in quick considering the pandemic we are in. he's so soft and cuddly. my kids and i love him so much along with our 6 babies !