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    BT21 MANG BABY Sitting Doll 4.7"

    Customer Reviews

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    Melissa McSwain
    Most adorable Mang I’ve ever seen!! <3

    When I saw this Mang I couldn’t resist!! It’s so cute & fits so well with my other baby BT21 plushies! The quality is very nice too, & it arrived fast. Its also the perfect size to sit on my desk & help me get through my day! Thanks again Line Friends!! <3

    Emily Lupold
    Really cute!!

    It’s really cute and soft! I love him!!

    Rachana Joshi
    So cute and soft!

    Every time there's a sale, it's so hard to get Mang merch because he sells out so quickly. I was really excited when I managed to get the Mang sitting doll, and he definitely doesn't disappoint! Because they're sitting, that makes it easier to look at Mang from different perfectives; if he faces forward, I get a view of his cute nose, and if he's angled, I can see his eyes. I think that's harder to do with the standing versions without making it look a little strange.

    Overall, the sitting dolls are really, really cute! The description said they were just under 5 inches tall, but I didn’t realize how small they were until I got them. They’re the perfect size; they’re small enough that I can put them out and have room for my other BT21 stuff. Aside from them being cute, the best part might be how soft and squishy they are. They’re soft like baby toys and squishy like nice memory foam pillows. If you’ve bought their baby face cushions, these sitting dolls feel exactly like that, which was surprising considering its small size.

    Also, since Mang is always shown with a skateboard, I couldn't help but take pictures of him and his friends on an actual skateboard! (It might also give you an idea as to how small they are. All seven of the baby sitting dolls could line up on a regular skateboard - that's how small they are). I love it, and I'm excited to collect the rest of them!

    Thien Nguyen

    I LOVE IT. Im hoping to get more in the future but im happy with the product very high quality and very satisfied with it.💜

    Very very satisfied

    This is an item that I have been wanting to own since they debuted the baby collection in early 2020. It was finally restocked and I leaped at the opportunity to buy this Baby Mang sitting doll to go with the RJ I had of this size. Honestly I didn’t know If I would want the smaller or larger version but I am completely satisfied that I chose the smaller sitting dolls. They can sit at my desk with me during a long day of work, decorate my Army shelves, or get carried around with no hassle because of their size. As always it is soft and cute. This baby Mang is well worth the purchase if you can’t decide. I want to buy more.