BT21 MANG BABY Body Bag Charm 4.3"

Different Level of Cuteness! Biggest lineup of BT21 BABY merchandise. Cuteness Overload coming your way.

Product Description:
Soft Baby body bag charm with keyring chain

100% Polyester

Product Size:
6" X 5.2" X 9.9"

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

i love baby mang and this key chain made me love it even more! soft and just the cutest thing! the nose is my favorite thing ever!


I have no words! Mang is just perfect. So soft, cute pure baby!
Pastel colours so pleasing to the eye. Product quality on top! the seams are all straight, the threads don't stick out, it's so soft and touchy.
Mang relieves me of depression. Totally recommend for people with bad days!

Josefina Martínez

My niece loved it

Beyonce Carranza
Cute 🥺

I’ve wanted this for so long and finally gave in and bought it. He is so cute and tiny I have him on my purse and take him everywhere💜✨

Super Adorable

I always hesitate at first when I see the prices on the website, I am always afraid it will turn out to be poor quality for the price, but after purchasing many items I find that is not the case! Every time I purchase I get surprised by the high quality and the responsiveness of the team. When I ordered the team was having trouble sending out shipments quickly but not only did I receive an email stating this almost immediately I was allowed to ask questions and received speedy answers.
I got this mang bag hanger because I recently tie-dyed a backpack and need the perfect accessory! Mang fits the color scheme perfectly! Along with that the quality is top notch! Mang is made from a stretchy SUPER soft fabric that is perfect for anybody with sensory issues! Textures tend to bug me but this feels almost like a baby toy, like it’s meant for sensitive skin! It’s also super squishy and adorable. He’s perfect to hold if you’re ever needing comfort, kind of like a super nice stress toy. When receiving him I had no problem with stitching, or loose threads. Everything was perfect! I also buy a lot of various bag hangers and often find that that hanger breaks because of cheap metal or poor sewing. The keychain in this though I have no worries about. It’s hefty and sturdy. It seems that it can truly take a beating. Along with that it is art matched to a nylon cord which in turn attaches to Mang, this ensures that ripping this keychain off will be a hard endeavor to go through.
All in all despite my hesitation because of price I am thoroughly impressed not only by the quality of the item but by the team that was there to help and inform me about any mishaps.