BT21 KOYA Wireless Car Charging Phone Holder

There is no need for a line between us! Whether you are driving or studying at your desk, it doubles as a phone cradle & charger. This wireless charger is supported up to 15W.

Product Description: 
BT21 KOYA Wireless Car Charging Phone Holder


Product Size:
3.9" X 2.3" X 4.7"

Customer Reviews

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marie gonzalez
cutest charger ever!!

absolutely love my new charger for my car, luckily was able to get it while checking everyday to see if it’s in stock and luckily got one before it sold out and it’s so worth it!! highly recommend if it’s up for sale again and koya looks so cute :)

Natalie Arellano
So Cute >_

I've been wanting this Koya charger for the longest. I randomly went into the Line website and I found that it was available. I immediately bought one and came back later in the day to find out it was all sold out. I'm so happy I was able to buy one :D

Monique Flores
Great besides the mount

Operates perfectly charges super fast sensor works but the sticky dashboard mount never seems to stick for long in my car even when i clean it. Its a minor setback, great product

Cute and Useful

I'm very happy I was able to get one. It's very cute and useful. It feels like Baby Koya keeps me company when driving. I was worried my phone would slip out but Baby Koya keeps a tight grip on my phone. It can either be clipped onto an air vent or placed on the dashboard. Changing between air vent or dashboard is very easy. The only thing I have noticed is it moves easily when driving; it will tilt either left or right when driving. It seems like the part that connects to the air vent adapter needs to fit tighter.


I find it hard to believe that these were actually restocked. My proof is in all of the other comments where people came to get one right as they got the email, like myself, and they were all still showing sold out. I was really excited to finally be able to get one. Please don't actually say you have it in stock when you don't.