BT21 KOYA Sweet Zipper Folder

This sturdy zipper folder shows each member of the BT21 squad having a good time along with perfect snacks for them. Which snack is your favorite?

Product Description:
BT21 KOYA sweet zipper folder - beans


Product Size:
13.8" X 10.3" 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cute and Organized ❤️

First of all... KOYA is super duper cute!!!!! And I love Jelly beans hahah so I definitely wanted to buy this just for the aesthetic alone! But! I also bought this because I wanted to keep my important documents here just in case there is a fire and I need to grab it on the way out and just makes life a lot easier to find it!!!! So it’s cute and a necessity!!!!

Great new addition to my office supplies

I’m using this to help me stay organized! Koya and the colors choices are super cute. The materials are great, I expect it to last a long time. Just be careful not to squish it or anything because this kind of material can get bends and creases if you aren’t careful.

i love this folder!

i love this koya bean folder because it holds all my loose papers, school supplies, and notebooks. it keeps me organized when i have to transport things to and from school and keeps all my essentials in one place inside of my bag. i love how colorful the outside is and how the colors contrast with the blue background (i just really love the overall koya jellybean design). the folder is really good quality, i would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a fun way to organize and incorporate a little bt21 into their daily lives! will definitely buy more koya things in the future :)