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    BT21 KOYA Silicone Pencil Case

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    Aisha Okunade
    Too good to be Just a pencil case 💜

    I absolutely LOVE this pencil case. There is so much attention to detail in Koya’s nose, eyes and smile 😊 it’s not just pasted in there. And of course the silicon material is top quality and really comfortable to hold. It felt so nice that I immediately ordered a Shooky one as well! It is also surprisingly spacious, it holds a lot of pens and even some mini sticky notes and a lip balm. I might end up using it just as a mini purse/pouch at this point because it’s too beautiful for a pencil case 😆. Also, Koya gives off this calming aura and I just love being able to carry him around! It’s soooo cute and definitely worth it. What are you still contemplating?? Get it already!

    Sleepy Koya

    I use my Koya case as a travel first aid kit and pill case holder. The ears are raised, the back is without design or label (except for a stamped bt21 label). The inside is surprisingly roomie and the silicone allows for some give. I have a mini ointment container that fits just fine in there. Package came quickly in a line friends labeled delivery bag. It's wrapped in a plastic sheath with a foam insert to keep its shape. These cases are perfect multipurpose storage units and super cute to boot.

    Valentina D
    My beautiful pencil case 💙

    I am very happy with my Koya💙 pencil case! It is the best purchase I have been able to make, I am Namjoon Biased and I am definitely the luckiest person in the world whenever I can buy some of the BT21 merchandise. I am a lawyer and post graduate student, definitely this pencil case will keep my most precious items, every time I see it my day will be happy, it is perfect to protect my things. Many thanks to the Line Friends store! Now, I have the pencil case with me in Colombia 🇨🇴💙 (I used google translate)

    Jessica S.
    KOYA Pencil Case - Holds ALL the Gel Pens!

    I'll be the first to admit I am a *tad* obsessed with the BT21 gel pens, so I purchased the Koya silicone case to keep all of them in one place. The design is cute, the material is durable, and the case can comfortably hold at least 8 pens at a time (including some of the baby gel pens, which have a larger version of the characters on top). The pencil case also has an adorable 3D effect, as the nose and the ears stick out from the case. This is a high quality product, I've gotten many compliments on it, and I would easily buy this again.

    Nhu Duong
    KOYA Pencil Case

    It is very useful. It can holds more than 5 pens and an eraser. The design is very cute. It is well made and I would recommend buying one. I also bought Chimmy because I love the design and the material. Silicone is durable and it would be easy to clean.