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    BT21 KOYA Scrunchie Hair Tie

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Lovely Scrunchie

    I gave this to a friend as a gift and she loved it. Great quality, the scrunchie is super soft but strong, it holds up tightly for a long time and it's very cute (I have Cooky too).

    Alexis Alvarez
    Cutest Scrunchie ever!

    This was my first time ever buying something from this website and I wanted to buy something that I could use everyday. Ordering was easy and fast. I only waited seven days for it to arrive. Also, they communicated very well with me on where was my scrunchie and notified me when it arrived at my house. Also, let me just say that when the other reviews say it is super soft. They are not lying. It is very soft and durable. Koya is super cute and a tight scrunchie. The pictures of the product was spot on and it looked exactly the same. I would 10/10 buy another one.

    JulieAnn Inthivong
    Awesome Scrunchie

    The scrunchie itself is cute, I like how it's wide that it only takes one twist and it holds my hair up. I've used it for the past couple of days and it's comfortable having my air up in a "bun" with it. It's cute while walking around shopping and I've fallen asleep with it on and it didn't pull my hair out like a typical hair tie. Great buy!

    Ari Berri
    SOOO CUTE!!!

    I LOVEEEE this scrunchie. It is very soft, stretchy, and (of course) cute. I’m going to end up buying every scrunchie available here on Line Friends.

    Erica Engelhard
    Love it

    It's the cutest thing been wearing it every day ☺️