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    BT21 KOYA Lying Pencil Case

    Customer Reviews

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    I cannot wait to see my pencil case when it’s delivered! And just after a few days of waiting, I could get it! At first, I thought it could only contain some pens, but I was shocked that the KOYA pencil case can hold all my school supplies, including pens, rulers, erasers, and many more! Every part of the pencil case is incredibly soft. His soft head is so cuddly that I always want to touch it! The product is of good quality, so I think it can be used for many years! What I like the most about this cutie is the zipper. It will prevent your stuff from dropping. My pens were really untidy before I have this practical pencil case! It seems to me that it’s not only a pencil case but also a friend to help my stuff tidy. Overall I’m really in love with my adorable KOYA Pencil Case! I'm so happy with my purchase. I would love to buy another at Line Friends!

    Very cute and big enough

    This is a really good quality pencil case, it holds at least 20 of my pens and pencils. The only thing is that it came a about a week late.

    kai schrosk
    So nice!!!

    This pencil case is so soft and surprisingly big! Koya’s head is stuffed so it holds its shape nicely. It doesn’t hold a full length unsharpened pencil though. Stuffed full It holds about 24 pens. Definitely worth it :)

    So adorable!

    It was so cute! I was so excited to receive it!
    I was surprised it was really big and that I could hold a lot of pencils ☺️

    Maddie C.
    My favorite pencil case

    I love KOYA. The encil case is fairly big and can hold a lot of stuff including a computer mouse. I would reccomend buying this because it is very cute and works very well.