BT21 KOYA Figure Soft Travel Neck Pillow

Rough day? Lean back and relax with this soft neck pillow. Great for quick naps during your travels or whenever you feel like you need to relax while on the road.

Product Description:
BT21 soft travel neck pillow with fastener and tiny character plush

100% Polyester

Product Size:
13.4" X 12.3" X 4"

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
I can’t wait to travel!

It feels very soft, I just know it’ll help me sleep on the plane easier! Especially because it usually takes me a while to sleep, but I’m so happy I brought it and I’m excited to use it already!


I bought this for my trip later this month and i wasnt gonna use it until than but it looked sooo good i couldnt resist and i been sleeping with it EVERYNIGHT. Its so soft anf fluffy and koya looks so cute sleeping on top!!!! I might actaully buy another one for my little cousin so we can MATCH, if yall were thinking about buying i would 100% think YOU SHOULD. Ive washed it about 3 times already and looks still brand new, koyas my new favorite character now. I also had bought the hand sanitizer last month and iot smelled soooooo good, and would 100% recommend its good as other brands if not even better, plus the deisgns on it make it so much more fun. NECK PILLOW 10/10

Best Most Adorable Ever!

This is the best neck pillow I've ever had. It's soft and comfortable. It fits perfect and the little Koya is so adorable. I love the little magnetic tabs at the ends to give a more and secure fit. I would buy another one for myself and by more to gift to friends and family.

Cute Travel Buddy!

I travel occasionally so a neck pillow is a must-have and these BT21 ones are too hard to pass up. I love the color combination of the KOYA one. It is so adorable, and I feel relaxed just looking at it. The material is super soft and feels nice on the skin. The overall construction looks pretty good and it seems like there is plenty of stuffing in the pillow since it feels firm. I took off one star because the magnet of the closure strap is very weak. It does not stay together at all. I think a button or Velcro would have been better. A recommended product for those that need something super cute to rest their head on!