BT21 KOYA Basic Mug Cup & Cover

Take a brief break with KOYA. Pour your favorite beverage and place the matching lid to savor your drink for longer. 

Product Description:
BT21 KOYA basic mug & silicone cover

Ceramic, Silicone

Product Size:
3.4" X 3.8" X 3.8"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Es realmente una taza super cute, me encanto el color y la presentación, no puedo esperar para utilizarla.

Hug in a Mug

This mug is super adorable! Upon seeing it online I thought it would be great in order to keep my coffee hot. Especially because my coffee tends to get cold and it’s not pleasant to drink lukewarm coffee. This Koya mug and cover delivers in both cuteness and functionality. It definitely keeps my coffee warm for a long period of time. I can leave it unattended for a while and still enjoy it. It works very well for other hot drinks as well such as tea and hot chocolate. It is very satisfying to drink out of this mug! I also like the size of this mug, since it is 11oz I get the perfect amount of coffee (drink of choice) to get my day started. As an added bonus the lid also fits all of my other 11oz mugs! However if you purchase your own mug keep in mind that since the mug has an opaque look and feel on the outside, the scratches are noticeable. This is normal on any mug but once again you will notice it on this mug due to the material. I personally use it everyday so it’s understandable. Handle with care! Overall as always Koya and Line Friends have exceeded my koalafications! I recommend giving it a try and getting your own hug in a mug.


The mug is very cute! Not sure why, but the outside paint seems to be getting scratched? There are just grey lines here and there. I don't know if it's due to rubbing up in the dish rack or something but the scratches are not erasable. Otherwise a great mug with a super adorable lid!!

Precious cutie!

My daughter and I were so happy to have bought this lovely mug. Koya has always been her go to BT21 character so I knew that she'd be so delighted when she sees it! And I wasn't wrong! 😄
The dilemma she is having now is whether to use it or to just be part of her Koya collection 😅
From the looks of it though, it is made of a durable quality material, not just the mug but also the cover/lid.
You should get this one! U won't regret it! 😍

sturdy and instant mood booster

Very sturdy mug. I dropped it to the floor on the first day and it didn't break. Easy to clean.
My co-worker loves the silicone lid on the mug and took picture of Koya and sent it back to me. Instant work morale booster sipping tea out of this cup in a hectic work day.
Highly recommend this mug if you are in the midst of stressful time. Koya got your back with the soft smile. Everything will be okay.