BT21 KOYA BABY Neton Plush (L)

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    100% worth it

    I was a little unsure about buying the large size neton plush because of the shipping cost, but it was totally worth it. It shipped way faster than I expected since I ordered during the holiday season, and it was shipped wrapped in a plastic bag, inside a soft poly mailer -- it arrived safely not even a week after I ordered it. All of the other review photos did not prepare me for how big Koya is (I think they're around 18 inches/46 cm?), but I love it, Koya is super soft and the weighted feet are a really cute touch. I think the small neton Shooky would look super cute with the large Koya, I wish I got both!

    You won't regret buying!

    Koya is so cute and soft. His mouth is the cutest expression when sleeping.

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    Amy S.
    Best cuddle buddy 💙

    If you are hesitating on buying this, don't. It'll be sold out before you finally decide you want to buy it. Shipping was very fast and it came in perfect condition. The best part... IT STANDS UP ON ITS OWN!!! Get it now or you'll regret it!


    Koya is so cute and soft

    you need this plush!!

    I genuinely was so excited to receive this and it was sooo much cuter in person!!! I would recommend any bt21 lover to purchase this! It’s really the perfect size and the material is so soft and huggable—I would go as far to say that this might be the best self indulgent purchase I’ve made this year and I’ve never been so compelled to leave a review for something. I can’t recommend the neton plush series enough and would love to get mang’s as well if this series restocks 💜