BT21 KOYA BABY Sticky Memo Pad Set

This memo pad set can help you live your life to the fullest. This mini stationery station has three types of sticky notes, four varieties of page markers, and a mini to-do list, all featuring lovable KOYA. 

Product Description:
BT21 Baby KOYA Sticky Notes & Memo Pad (30 sheets in each pad)


Product Size
10.6" X 5.2"

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Helpful and Cute Organization!!

This super cute memo pad is really helpful for both work and school! I work in an office as an administrative assistant so I am always dealing with schedules, meetings, and a ton of paperwork. Some of that can be really overwhelming but after buying this baby koya sticky memo pad, I feel like I am able to prioritize and manage my workload! The memo pad has a to do list, three different types of sticky note pads and four bookmark stickies. The cute Koya expressions also help me stay focused while I work which allows me to get done faster. I bought a second memo pad specifically for school and the sticky markers help separate chapters in textbooks as well as pages in my notebooks. I am very happy with my purchase and love how organized I’ve become with my workload. Highly recommended if you’re a working and full-time student like I am!

Koya Notes

The cutest memo pad I have ever had. I am currently a college student with online class and assignments can be overwhelming. I can cross off my list while seeing cute Koya sticky notes. This is a great set to use to stay organized and motivated. The to do list is not a sticky note but the rest of the items are sticky notes. I do recommend this set especially because it has three sets of sticky notes and four different type of page markers. I am using them to add notes in my textbooks and notes. I also stick them around as reminders of task and things I may need to do or buy.

baby koya memo pad

really cute!! however, when it arrived the sticky notes weren’t stuck to the pad anymore. I plan to use it at home for now so it’s only a minor inconvenience. maybe packaging on the inside can be improved!

Baby Koya memo pad

Are you tired of plain colored sticky notes? Do you want to be different than your classmates or co-workers? Or just looking up to spruce your bullet journals? These sticky notes are the one for you! They’re unique and cute and just what I needed to spruce out my workspace. I collaborate with a lot people at work and often have to label my paper files or leave small notes and these spice things up a bit! I love using them and my co-workers love the cute designs!

Very nice

Its definally cute and good quality.
The only thing is that for this item if line friends you're gonna send a postcard please use a cardboard peace to support the memo pad and postcard mine got bend also the memo set packaging. Thank you for sending items to Puerto Rico not many stores send to us so thank you so much💜.