BT21 KOYA BABY Flat Fur Face Doll Keyring 2.0"

Your favorite BT21 character tinified into an even smaller but fluffier plush for you to hang on your bag.

Product Description:
BT21 Baby fluffy flat face plush keyring


Product Size:
11.1" X 8.5" X 1"

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Perfect addition to my bt21 baby collection

I love this keychain it is so cute and soft and perfect to put on any bag or backpack. Perfect addition to my flat fur collection and just Koya and BT21 Collection in general. Shipping was super fast to get to me and it was also free for orders over $30. I highly recommend this keychain and all of the flat fur line as well as the other BT 21 baby items. I just think the design of the BT 21 baby products are super super cute. This keychain could be used as an actual bag charm or just as a cute decoration. Here is a link to my unboxing video:

fluffy and cute koya <3

This item was definitely another one of my favorite items purchased off Line Friends. It's super soft, cute, and fluffy! Shipping was super fast despite the situations happening around the world and around us. This is actually my second time purchasing this item because I purchased it for a friend and she loved it! I am glad I was able to get one for myself, I definitely recommend it! I am super happy with my purchase and I always am! I also filmed a video of me unboxing everything I purchased :)


It’s very tiny but very cute you can take it everywhere with you even in your pocket. I love it!


Super cute and soft! Perfect size for a bag/purse accessory.

My favorite Koya!

This is one of my favorite items I’ve ever purchased on this website! Koya is my favorite bt21 character but baby Koya just maximizes the cuteness! This keychain is the perfect size for a lanyard or a backpack, I’ve had it on both but I currently wear it on my lanyard! The fur is super soft and absolutely adorable! The only thing I didn’t really like was how long the black tag is, it’s just a minor setback, but other than that this product is absolutely amazing! I plan on coordinating it with my concert outfit and clipping it on my belt loop! The possibilities are practically endless with a keychain this cute! :) Koya came in perfect condition as always! Please take a look at the pictures to see what mine looks like (front and back included)! It resembles the website’s picture almost perfectly. Thank you for another amazing bt21 product line friends!