BT21 KOYA BABY Flat Face Cushion

Rest your head on our lovely friends for a quick nap at your desk. A comfy wrist band in the back keeps the cushion secured on your arm while you doze off. 

Product Description:
BT21 Baby KOYA flat face cushion with stretchy wrist band

Shell--96% Polyester, 4% Polyurethane
Fill--100% Polyester

Product Size:
8.7" X 6.7" X 3.6"

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Adorable collection!!!

I bought all six of the BT21 characters because I love them all! Waiting for LineFriends to restock Shooky, so I can complete my collection! These cushions are so soft and perfect to nap on and nap with! Though they are only a little bigger than your face, it is a cute size and goes perfect as little couch decors on bigger pillows. I definitely recommend getting even just your favorite character. Take on your dream nap with Chimmy, Koya, Tata, Cooky, RJ, Mang, or Shooky!

Overall, very happy with my purchase and can’t wait for more items to be restocked! Thank you LineFriends <3


i love it so much, isso polite. it’s insanely soft and plush

So Soft

I bought the BT21 Koya flat face cushion for myself. It’s so adorable and very soft. I have a weakness for cute things. I can’t help squeezing his cheeks! I like how there’s a strap in the back where you can slide your hand into. It makes it super easy to cuddle up with Baby Koya.

The perfect gift

I gifted the 7 characters flat face cushions to my girlfriend, for our 7th anniversary and she loved them, they are the perfect size and the quality IS AMAZING. We ordered them on the 9th of FEBRUARY and they arrived on the 18th OF MARCH just have that in mind (we live in Mexico, they were managed for DHL and the Correos de México). They shipped them from California to GERMANY and then back to Mexico, I don't know why. The box arrived a bit damaged but the cushions are in perfect state. I will be ordering again SOON. Also our doggo loves them.

Perfect size

Koya baby cushion is perfect in size and great quality great addition to my daughters collection.