BT21 KOYA BABY Boucle Face Cushion

Our favorite face cushion now comes in a boucle texture that'll have you feel like you're petting a lamb while counting sheep at night. The fluffy sherpa fabric will instantly make any space feel more cozy at sight.

Product Description:
BT21 Baby KOYA boucle face cushion 


Product Size:
15.8" X 10.1" X 5.6" 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Perfect stuffed Koya!

I absolutely love the boucle face cushion of baby Koya. The fabric is incredibly soft and perfect for cuddling with! Plus the detail within Koya’s features proves how well made the item is, as even the fabric on his cheeks and nose is super soft and fun to touch! It’s an incredibly cute design and really shows off the talent of the line friend animators. Not only is it super cozy and comfy, but the colors and design itself are so cute it’s a perfect addition to anyone’s bedding, adding a pop of color and a friendly BT21 face. I highly recommend the Koya pillow to anyone interested and can’t wait to purchase more BT21 babies once Line Friends has them back in stock :)

Cutest Pillow!!

I am in love with this Koya pillow!! To start off, it’s incredibly soft and it does bring the ‘baby’ feel to it! The design is adorable, the colors just look beautiful and have this bright look, and the ears are the cutest part too! This pillow just has this amazing feel that can not be explained! This is the best pillow I have ever purchased and I highly recommend it to others! I assure you will love it and will want to take it everywhere you go!

So cute and soft

I bought Cooky for my sister and Koya for myself; very soft, cute, and cuddly