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    BT21 KOYA 20 Basic AirPods Case

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    Just the right size

    My air pods fits perfectly. I also like the texture. It feels smooth and soft enough yet sturdy. I think it’s so cute that you open his head to get your air pods. :)

    heidy lopez
    Best Purchase I’ve Ever Made Here!

    I was soooo happy when my Koya case arrived!!! Ever since linefriends released the first set of AirPod cases with BT21, I was too late to get the Koya one (and instead got RJ which was still adorable). But I was so happy when they released these sets of cases and immediately purchased mine. The case is insanely cute and surprisingly not as bulky as I thought it’d be. It is thick enough to where it’s still perfect to protect your AirPods. It has a small hook to which it is easy to attach to your keys chain, bag, or even pants. It does come in two parts, the top and the bottom. I was scared that the top would constantly be falling off and I’d eventually lose it but it’s actually pretty firm. I went to the park with the case attached to my jeans and was running all over the place and in the end they were still intact. So don’t be too worried about losing the top. It is made of silicone so it can get dirty easily if you drop them, but they’re really easy to clean. Overall I can’t stress enough how satisfied I am with this case. The price is just right. And although it did take a while for them to arrive, the wait was so worth it. Unless linefriends releases an even cuter set of AirPod cases, this case will definitely be the only one I buy for my AirPods.

    In Love!!!

    I love it soo much it’s sooo adorable. It helps me not lose my AirPods.

    Golsa Rahbari
    I love it!

    I was so scared that this would be an AirPods case for the airpod pro’s since the size is big, but turns out I was right and they are for normal AirPods. I have been looking for so long to find a good AirPod case that is both cute and protective. Little koya here does the job! It is super cute and soft and even has a place where you can attach it to your keys or anything like a keychain. Even though the top and bottom are two separate parts the top doesn’t fall off! I love this and recommend it to everyone. I want to get the chimmy and tata one too:))

    Andrea Escalante
    Koya AirPod Case

    I actually love the case so much, the top hasn’t fallen off even though I put it backwards lol. Super high quality no defects. Box was damaged upon arrival by nothing wrong to the product itself luckily.