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    BT21 KOYA Bon Voyage Glitter Tumbler

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    This tumbler actually changed my way of life <3

    I absolutely am IN LOVE with this Koya tumbler. I have absolutely zero negative things to comment on this tumbler. There are so many cool aspects to it. For instance, the glitter in the cup is between the two layers of the cup shape but they're adjustable by moving the cup around a little. BUT they don't move too easily so the cup stays looking perfect! The Koya picture on the cup itself is so cute and detailed. There are no mistakes and it is perfect. There is no weird discoloration whatsoever on the cup at all. The tumbler is extremely good quality as well. The second I opened it I could tell. It is super strong and well made. I even dropped it today by accident and it was perfectly fine. Not a single scratch on it. But the way this cup has changed my lifestyle is most important. I have a hard time bringing myself to drink water and I often feel unwell and dehydrated because I legit FORGET to drink water for days. But because of how cute and lovely this koya tumbler is, I naturally want to use it even when I am not thirsty. I fill it up every single day and so because of this cup I am healthier now! It also is not small at all. It is the perfect size. Cute design + good size + good quality = good option for what to spend your money on. The straw it comes with is also good quality btw and it is tinted blue to match the cup! Honestly I might even have to pick up the other design, because I truly LOVE this tumbler. I think it is one of my favorite purchases ever on the line friends store website. 100% recommend to anyone who is thinking of buying this! <3


    My package came way fatser than i expected and i was super happy it did☺ The cup is bigger than i expected and great for drinking cold and hot drinks. It carries 16oz (473 ml) for anyone curious✌💘


    IT’S AMAZING! I’m in love with it. I love the size, glitter, design, and the packaging! It came pretty quickly as well. I would totally recommend!

    Super cute!!

    It's bigger than I originally expected, and I'm glad it is! The packaging was very cute! I love it!

    Beautiful and perfect

    It’s bigger than I thought and very resistant, I really love it! 💖 shipping was very fast