BT21 Heart Yearly Planner

This handy planner handles all your schedules for the year. Organize your daily, weekly, and monthly plans here. Achieve both your short term and long term goals with the BT21 squad.

Product Description:
BT21 Heart yearly planner with plastic cover and BT21 postcard

Paper, PP

Product Size:
8.5" X 4.1" X 0"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I’ve been looking for a nice organizer for a while now and I’ve finally found what I was looking for. This planner is perfect for everything and it doesn’t have dates or months written in so you can use it wherever or whenever you wanted to. The planner has a protective cover around it which was an absolute plus because it feels and is actually so much more long lasting then other planners. The planner is also small and light so it fits in my purse or backpack easily for comfortable traveling. There are enough spreads for each month and it includes a monthly, weekly, and yearly spread which is so useful when it comes to organizing my schedules and jotting down separate notes for each day along with having an overall view of my month. The planners very light and not bulky so it makes it more comfortable to write in and decorate. The cover also has a spot to put in a picture so if you don’t like the bt21 picture- although I’m sure everyone’s satisfied with it- you can switch it out for your own. Overall this planner is absolutely perfect and is great for organizing in style with nice templates and spreads. Recommend it 100%, five stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Pretty small. The weekly planner is a bit much lengthier. This planner is ok, not much of what I was expecting.

Great Yearly Planner

As someone whose organized and like the monthly and weekly layout this is great to get during anytime of the year! The monthly setup is blank so you can write what ever month you got it by and use it. Not many planners come like this so I highly recommend it for anyone not wanting to spend money to use half if a planner set on a given time frame. The adorable characters are in this and you can personalize the front pouch

Super cute, handy calendar-style planner

I was looking for a planner to keep track of my daily meals/dinners and this was perfect. There are more than enough sections to joy down notes or everyday tasks if that’s what you need. The front pocket is open so you can insert another picture in the slot if you want to make it more personal. The outside cover is plastic so it is protected from getting crimpled which I really like. And of course it has all the BT21 characters on the cover and throughout the pages. This would make a great gift for anyone who loves BT21 that can be used every day. Quality is great and I am so happy with my purchase!


This planner is honestly so nice and organized. It doesn't have the months set so you can really use it any year at any time which is nice in my opinion since my old planner ends this month. The cover has a clear square that has a picture of bt21 but what's nice is that it's removable so you can put your own picture or to do list.