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    BT21 Baby Jelly Candy Foldable Phone Stand

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    Great stand!

    I love this stand! I have several phone stands that don’t fit my phone because I have a pop socket with my phone case but I’m not willing to remove my pop socket just for my phone to fit on a typical phone stand. But this one is actually roomy enough to fit my phone and and is low enough to not interfere with the pop socket on! So it all worked out in the end :)

    It Does the Thing!

    I got this phone stand, because I was tired of propping my phone against an object, and having it fall at the slightest movement. The baby jelly motif is also one of my favorites, so this product satisfied many aspects I wanted in a phone prop.
    When I took a look at the stand I received, I was a little disappointed that the grip my device would sit on wasn't aligned correctly. I nudged it a little to test how adhered it was, and it didn't budge. I figured I'd also test if the placement would somehow affect the effectiveness of the stand, and if it did, I would put more effort into peeling it off and placing it in the proper place. In the end it didn't matter, so I went on to my next experiment - weight limit. I placed an iPad 2 on the stand, and observed the integrity at different propped angles (it's not pictured, but the stand has five notches - only three are labeled: 60 degrees, 68 degrees, and 75 degrees - so it can prop devices at five different angles). As ridiculous as it looked, the tiny stand could withstand the weight of the tablet. I didn't test how long it could do it for, but it felt like it'd be fine for a reasonable amount of time.
    Another mild surprise was how grippy the grips on the bottom were. They're only four small circles, but they provided some resistance, when I attempted to push the stand around (with a phone on it). The images of the characters are also well-printed, slightly raised, and mildly textured.
    Ultimately, I'd say this was a great buy. The product does as intended, and has a cute box I can store it in (for travel or just for safekeeping).