BT21 THE GREEN PLANET Foldable Phone Stand

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    Very well-made phone stand

    I wasn't expecting much from this plastic stand, but it's actually very well made. The tiny BT21 graphics are very cute and very clear. I look forward to using it!

    BT21 Green Planet Foldable Phone Stand

    This phone stand is so cute and works so well. There are different settings to adjust it to the desired angle. It's super bright and colorful and the characters and design on it are of good quality. It looks so cute on my desk too! :)

    Love this phone stand!

    This stand is perfect for a phone that has a bulky phone case with a pop socket on it. You can move the angle of the stand in order to prop up your phone the way you want it to. I also love that it closes flat to pack it in your bag and take it on the go!

    Impressive Little Thing

    This phone stand was intended to be a gift for my mother and her old caseless phone used for playing games and watching videos. She liked it, but my niece liked it more, and already yoinked it from her. Fortunately, this only provided more observations I could make on the product.
    The product's images are slightly raised and have a rougher texture than the green base. It's not bothersome - just something I noticed. I also noticed that the characters were printed slightly blurry? I don't know if it was the style of the pictures, or just the fact that the facial details are miniscule, but they didn't seem pristine. They weren't distorted enough to be an obvious defect - they just looked a little off. The image quality didn't seem on par with the Baby Jelly Candy phone stand (that I also purchased), but perhaps it was just my imagination. What wasn't in my head was that the grip that the phone would rest on was very slightly misaligned, but mostly in the correct spot. It didn't cause any problems, so it was okay.
    One thing I found neat about the stand was that some of the angles it could be propped to were labeled. It'd be useful if there was a specific one that was preferred. The stand keeps its set position very well. My niece was using the stand to hold her phone, while she rode around on a hoverboard, and it never collapsed nor dropped the device. It's unlikely that people would roam, while using the phone stand (my niece is just a weird kiddo), but this event proves that the stand can withstand movement. It can also handle the weight of a tablet (I tested this with an iPad 2), but I think it'd only be stable while stationary - I didn't test movement alongside the tablet, since, in a real life situation, it'd make more sense to just hold it.
    Continuing on with the stand's stability, it has four small grips on the underside to prevent it from sliding on a surface. It also elevates the bottom, so that it can't get scratched nor dirty.
    The Green Planet Phone Stand provides what it promises, and appears to be reasonably durable. The box it comes in is cute and functional as well. Easily a fantastic purchase.

    I love my cellphone stand

    I'm very pleased with the mini phone stand I've purchased. I take the phone stand everywhere I go. It's lightweight plastic easy-to-use and easy fit into your pocket. It doesn't take much space. I'm very relieved that I don't have to always hold my cellphone when I'm watching Netflix with my friends.very cute adjustable sizes and convenient. It's compatible with iPhone and Androids .