BT21 Epoxy Decal Sticker (31)

Resembling droplets of water, epoxy stickers are a fun and unique way to customize your belongings.  

PLEASE NOTE: The sticker release liner is not part of the actual sticker and must be removed before use. 

Product Description:
BT21 epoxy decal sticker (type 31), 1pcs.


Product Size:
2.5" X 2.2" 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
very cute!!

i purchased this product along with other epoxy stickers and they all shipped to my area relatively quickly. for me, it shipped within a week of purchasing it which was really convenient knowing for future purchases for potential gifts! this sticker is very cute and came in exactly as how it is pictured!! the sticker is different than what i had in mind but in a good way. the sticker doesn’t bend easily which is nice knowing that it won’t crease! the surface of the sticker doesn’t scratch easily too which is nice for the aesthetic! i haven’t used the sticker yet but i’m very happy about this purchase!!

Prettiest Galaxy

The epoxy stickers are seriously some of my favorite from the line store. I like to think that the stickers from line are really good quality, super vibrant, and big but these epoxy ones are superior. They're transparent and really thick, giving a 3d effect. These look really good on the back of a phone case or laptop case. Really pretty and they stay pretty sticky !