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    BT21 Dream of Baby Mouse

    Customer Reviews

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    Perfectly adorable and functional

    Like many people, I've been working from home a lot over the past year. Working on the computer gets a little tedious when all you're working with is the trackpad on a laptop, so I knew I needed to finally get a mouse in order to get work done. I'm so happy to have this absolutely adorable BT21 Dream of Baby mouse. It's light, just the right size, and wireless which is perfect for what I need to be productive. It is important to note that while it is wireless, it connects to your device via USB. So, if you want it for anything other than a typical desktop or laptop, it may not be the best option for you. However, the USB is small and doesn't get in the way or accidentally bumped by the other things on my desk. The mouse is such a beautiful pink, and I love seeing all the sleeping faces of our Universtars when I'm working.

    So cute!! And functional!!

    I love this mouse! I bought it with the matching keyboard and my desk looks perfect with the both of them. Definitely a good purchase and if you're thinking about buying this it!! It is worth every penny!!

    Super Adorable!!

    The review with the low rating isn’t a good reflection of this product. Nowhere does it say Bluetooth wireless! This product is adorable, and I got it along with the matching keyboard. It works perfectly fine, and I love how small it is since I have small hands. It fits perfect in my palm. I can’t be upset with something so cute AND functional!

    Meghan G
    Perfect Wireless Mouse

    This is wireless mouse as clearly stated in the description, meaning it is not bluetooth enabled and there are not claims that this connect by bluetooth. It's super cute and the perfect size for my hand. I love using it with my laptop.

    USB wireless, Not Bluetooth

    Putting two stars cause the info about these items are misleading. I got this mouse with the keyboard thinking both were bluetooth wireless, and I could use with my ipad. Wrong!! This is USB wireless only. It has no Bluetooth connection option. Why have only Bluetooth keyboard but USB only mouse that goes with it? I can't use a UBS wireless mouse on an iPad. And my laptop doesn't have Bluetooth so I cant use the keyboard on that. So I got this set that cant be used together as a set on a single device. Which is pointless.

    So becareful getting this if you want to pair it with the keyboard. Be sure you have a USB port for this, on something that also has working bluetooth for the keyboard, so you can use both together.