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    BT21 Dream of Baby Mini Keyboard

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Isabelle E.
    A Cute and Mostly Satisfying Keyboard

    This keyboard is super cute! I love how it's pink and I love the sound it makes every time I type. Setting up the Bluetooth and inserting batteries were very easy to do; the instructions that came with the keyboard were very clear. The little stickers on some of the keys are cute details that brighten my day while I work on my tablet.
    One downside is that sometimes, the keys are hard to press down on. When I type quickly, there are times the keyboard doesn't register what I press, so I miss a letter and mispell a word. This isn't totally the keyboard's fault. I'm still adjusting my typing pressure to this different keyboard style.
    Another personal annoyance is that the cover for the battery holder is small and very flush to the body of the keyboard. When you combine that with its small size, it can be difficult to put it correctly in place after you put in the batteries. I have the habit of taking out the batteries when I'm not using the keyboard, so it can be annoying when I accidentally drop the battery cover or have trouble holding it and aligning it perfectly over and over again.
    Despite those drawbacks, I'm still happy with this keyboard, especially because it arrived at a time when I really needed a new one!

    kim <3
    VERY CUTE! But…

    Initially, I absolutely adored this keyboard! It’s very adorable and just the perfect size for me. However, after using it a couple days, I find that this keyboard constantly disconnects while I’m mid-typing (and this problem occurred when using it on my Macbook Air and iPad. I even tried changing the batteries multiple times to see if that was the issue. I’m not sure if I’m the only one with this problem. If I didn’t have so many problems with it I probably would give this product 5 stars because typing on it is very satisfying!

    Ariana Fonseca
    Cutest Keyboard Ever!!!

    The keyboard is the most cutest and most adorable thing ever!!! It is pretty slim and not overly bulky which is nice and the keys are very responsive ! The clicking sound is very nice and retro and the color scheme is what made me fall in love with it!! It’s pretty easy to set up via bluetooth. I would recommend this keyboard to those who like the BT21 characters and would like to try a retro style keyboard! It would be the perfect edition to a home office or desk/workspace!

    Sweetest little keyboard <3

    hello, everyone. i do hope you are doing well and staying safe and healthy :) i am typing this on my bt21 dream of baby keyboard. there is nothing that i don't love about this keyboard. the size, the weight, the sound, the colors (i love soft, pastel colors), the vintage typewriter feel -- it's perfect and i wouldn't change anything. i bought it to use with my samsung galaxy s7+ tablet and it was super easy to pair them and now it's so much easier to use my tablet for writing. i also bought the matching dream of baby mouse and they are perfect together <3

    Rizzi Castro
    BT21 Dream of Baby Mini Keyboard - Cute and Nice Keyboard to use!!!!

    Hello, how are you? I’m currently typing this review using the BT21 dream of baby mini keyboard. The feel and sound of it is nice. Especially when I’m typing, it feels like a type writer. Though I wish that it would be in a size that I can carry around with me. Length wise, the keyboard is great, but maybe because of the keys, the height of it is a little bit troublesome to just put in any bag, so if I want to carry it with me, I would need to be careful with it. I do wish that there’s an on/off button in the keyboard, in this way I don’t need to worry about it automatically connecting to my device and draining either battery (iPad and the keyboard). I do like that the esc key can also act as the home button for the iPad, that way I don’t need to touch the ipad just to go to the home screen or access the recent apps. I especially like the feel and sound of when I’m using the keyboard!!! 💜💜💜