BT21 COOKY Ppogeul Pong Pong Coin Purse

This coin pouch feels fluffy and silky to touch. An inner pocket helps you separate coins from other small items. 

Product Description: 
BT21 COOKY boucle pong pong zippered coin pouch


Product Size: 
4.6" X 2.2"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jessica Sanchez
The Perfect Pocket Pal

I get so many compliments on this coin purse. It's a very sturdy pouch with just enough space for my buds and maybe a small wallet (mine fit very snug so a smaller one would work better). There's a smaller pocket in the pouch thats perfect to keep coins separate. I love to carry Cooky in my bag when I go to the gym or a quick run to the grocery store. He hasn't gotten dirty yet, but my other BT21 items have been very easy to clean and I think the same would apply to him. I was worried that the coins would give him a gross metallic smell but so far it hasn't been a problem. I definitely recommend getting one of these coin pouches if you don't already have one.

Elizabeth Ashley
Very Essential and super cute!

This is great to have. Very essential to have a coin purse, but now I have a super cute coin purse. Great quality too, I recommend.

Julissa Labastda
The cutest coin wallet

I love this cooky spacious coin wallet!! :D

Melinda M
A Cute and Useful BT21 Cooky Coin Wallet

This little coin purse is actually very spacious and has enough room for little items to carry around like chapsticks. The product looks and feels like it has a high quality to it, and I also really like the texture and and feel of the coin purse. It came stuffed with paper for protection inside, and the size isn’t too big or too small. The size is just right for anyone to carry around. It includes a little pocket inside to store something that you need to separate from your other items inside. The Cooky coin purse also has a really good depth to it, so I think you’d be able to fit in a couple of small items around. Also, the zipper does work smoothly, and I had no problem with it getting stuck. Overall, it’s a cute coin wallet to carry around, and based on the way it was built, the Cooky coin purse proves to be useful to carry around small items or money. I would recommend this item if you need a placate to store coins and don’t want to carry something too large around.

Alice Jain
Love it!!!

so spacious and well stitched!