BT21 COOKY Coin Bank

Save your money day by day and use it when you need it. Use it as a statement piece to fill up your room with cuteness.

Product Description: 
BT21 Character Figure Coin Bank


Product Size: 
4 X 4 X 7

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Bank is so cute and well made

Adorable coin bank !!!☺️

It a nice decoration to put with your kpop collection and it holds a good amount of coins I’m in love!!!☺️

Cute decoration and useful!

It’s cooky, how can I not love it? Makes for a great figurine decoration and it can also store my loose change. I love how the ears cover up where you put in the coins. It’s perfect.

Almost full!

As soon as this arrived, I immediately filled it up with my tips that I have receive at work. It’s such the cutest coin bank out there! I recently bought another one for one of my best friends and she absolutely adores it!. The material itself is silicone which I am very happy about. My father saw my coin bank and was trying to figure out how to take it out which was probably the funniest thing I saw from him. Anyways, it’s worth it and I’m planning on buying another character soon! :)

Coin Bank that’s worth every coin!!!!! ❤️

It was a coin bank that is worth every coin. Cooky has the perfect size for my everyday savings as well as the other coin banks. They are cute and manageable at the same time. It has a small lid/cover at the bottom where you can open it for easier access just incase you need coins or change. It also gets heavy when you fill them with coins, but not to the point where you can’t carry it. Even my 2 years old niece likes carrying them. It is a coin bank for all ages!! I really love the coin bank so I have decided to buy almost all of them. I am planning to get Shooky too to complete my BT21 Coin Bank collections soon! And I can’t wait to fill all of them!!! Definitely worth every coin!!! ❤️