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    BT21 COOKY Mechanical Pencil

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    Everyone Needs a Writing Instrument — Why Not a Cute One?

    This Cooky mechanical pencil was a gift for my niece. The pencil uses 0.5mm lead, and comes with one already inside the shaft. It was a little difficult to remove the clip to put more lead in, but it may be because it was the first time it was removed. There is also an eraser under the eraser cap (this may seem obvious, but I find that most western mechanical pencils don’t have eraser caps, so some people could come to believe that a pencil designed like this could lack an eraser altogether). The print is very cute and neat. There’s just a barrage of Cookys doing push-ups, lifting weights, and T-posing (probably not actually doing this, but it sure seems like it, haha).
    This pencil was affordable, functional, and made my niece excited to show it off at school. It’s a worthy buy.

    Lucrecia Tun
    Cooky's Awesome Pencil

    When I first saw this product during a sale, I knew that I had to buy it and since I love to write and use a different kind of pencil every time I do so. The small packaging of the product is very adorable and cute and it was delivered without any damage. The designs of Cooky are a great view to see whenever writing down something. The lead button is great and functions very well so that the led can come out and doesn’t break easily. Other than that, I have a strong feeling that this pencil will last for a very long time and be taken care of as well.

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    Renu R.
    Great for anything!

    I just bought 5 of these cute pencils and I’m so excited to use them! I’ve been using them for school so far and they work like magic. When you click the pencil, the led comes out so smoothly and the eraser works really well! The pencil also has a brace for the led so that it doesn’t break as easily. Each pencil even has a cute little eraser cap that you can pop on and off every time you use it. Even the design is so cute!! I hope to buy all the BT21 pencils soon. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for new pencils that will last a long time. Totally worth it!