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    BT21 COOKY Jelly Candy Plush Hair Tie

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    Taylore Keesler
    Super cute and effective!

    This hair tie is really cute and good quality. It held my hair up well while I was working, and I got a lot of compliments on it! It isn't hard to position it so that Cooky is face up, and I think it's good quality for the price! Recommend !

    Some Extra Pizzazz for Hairstyles

    I bought this scrunchie for my niece’s birthday. She has a liking for Cooky, and was giddy to have it. She wore it as soon as I released it from the cute packaging (that she kept too). The scrunchie part of the hair tie isn’t silky, but is fairly smooth. The baby Cooky plush is very well-stuffed, and has no defects. It also seems well-attached to the scrunchie.
    One possible issue is the BT21 tag on the scrunchie. Because of its position on the hair tie, it’s always seen on the side when the scrunchie is worn. Another problem is that the plush is very obviously not flushed with the hair, which may make it seem like it’s just hovering there. This mainly applies to ponytails, pigtails, and braids, but probably wouldn’t be a big deal for buns. It’ll also look fine as a fashionable bracelet. (One can also do what my niece did and have Cooky wear baby Cooky, haha.)
    Ultimately, the potential problems weren’t such to my niece, so this was a good purchase. A bit pricey for what it is, but my niece is happy, and wears it often, so it’s all good.

    very cute

    works better for half up half down hairstyles. also is cute if you just wear it kind of like a bracelet